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General Questions

What do you do?

The short answer is we help businesses increase sales. While the actual closing of sales is done by the business, we provide an influx of new, qualified prospects who are ready to buy.

A nice side benefit that we provide is improving profitability by helping you spend your marketing budget more efficiently. Rather than just throwing money at the latest marketing craze, we focus on strategies and tactics that are proven to work.

Being able to demonstrate a positive ROI is important to us.

What Services Do You Provide?
We provide a range of digital services to support sales growth, but as was mentioned above, we focus on those that deliver a positive retune on your marketing investment. These are of our Core Services, ranked essentially by the order they should be implemented. Website Design/Development Reputation Marketing Local Search PPC Management & Retargeting   We also offer: Lead Generation Call Tracking
What is Local Search?

Have you ever done a Google search and seen a map in the results? How about looked in an online directory or checked out reviews? These are all examples of Local Search.

Most businesses operate in a fairly limited geographical area, so the goal is to be found in as many places as possible that focus on “location”

What can you do to make sure you are found?

Maps Listings (Google My Business, Bing Business Portal, Yahoo Local)

The map of businesses in the area of the search are listed either at the top of the organic search results or very prominently on the first page of the search results. These listings are easy to see and are accompanied by a marker on the map of the local area. The leader here is Google, but Bing is working to change that!

Being found on the map is a great way to get onto Page 1!


Review Sites (Yelp, City Search, Merchant Circle)

Reviews carry a lot of weight with your potential new customers.  Without having direct experience with your business, they want to learn what others have experienced.  Having your satisfied customers post reviews about your business will help sell others and turn them into new customers. Our Reputation Marketing Service is a great fit here.


Online Directories (YellowPages.com, SuperPages, InsiderPages)

Though not used as much now that the search engines have become more popular, these are essentially online versions of the phone book.  Being found here may not drive thousands of new customers to you, but every new customer counts. Plus, by being found in as many of these directories as possible helps with the maps ranking and helps with organic search rankings, too.

What is PPC?

PPC, or Pay-Per-Click (also known as Paid Ads, Google AdWords), is a paid ad platform that the search engines provide. Basically, you pay to have your ad displayed in the search results.

It is also the fastest way to get onto Page 1 of the search results. Google is the most effective search engine platform for this service and since Google wants to get paid, the ads are positioned to entice clicks.

PPC can be a very profitable way to generate phone calls & new sales. Unfortunately, too many business owners try to run it themselves or they give the management of this spending campaign to employees who do not have any training.  When this happens spending is typically very high with little to no return on that investment.  Not too long after trying this they quit because it was “too expensive”.

The problem was not that is was too expensive, the problem was that the campaign was not setup or managed well.

Downstream Digital Marketing has the expertise needed to manage your campaigns effectively so your costs are minimized while traffic to your website increases.  You will see a substantial increase in the ROI when you hire us to manage your account.


Related to paid ads is retargeting.  If you have ever visited a site and then seen banners or ads for that business when you visit other sites, then you have experienced “retargeting”.  Most visitors to a website do not call right away, so this is a great way to stay in front of potential customers so they are reminded about you and can call when they are ready to buy.  They are likely doing some research before calling anyone, so the more they see your name, the more likely they are to re-visit your site and give you a call.

What we do:

  • Set up your Adwords account & campaigns
  • Identify the proper keywords to target
  • Write the ads
  • Place the proper bids on the search terms
  • Actively manage the account to improve results
  • Focus on maximizing conversions

Want to learn more? Click Here for more information about our PPC service.

What is Exclusive Lead Generation

This is a great service for contractors & Home Services businesses!

Get leads delivered directly to your phone or email…from prospects ready to buy!

Have you bought leads from a big name lead generation service only to find that…

  • The lead was also sold to 3-4 competitors?
  • The lead was not expecting your call?
  • You did not stand a chance because you did not call back “soon enough”?
  • You got the job because you “won” a margin-crushing price war?

 Our Lead Generation Service is different!

Our Lead Generation program generates EXCLUSIVE leads, which means no leads are shared with any competitors. And the leads are QUALIFIED…they call you directly.

And, unlike other companies that provide a similar service, since we do not sell the same lead to multiple competitors we do not help create margin-crushing pricing wars….work with us and lock out your competitors!

Some benefits of Lead Generation from Downstream Digital Marketing:

  1. We deliver EXCLUSIVE leads (no leads are re-sold!)
  2. The lead calls YOU
  3. Qualified Leads (see #2)
  4. You focus on converting the leads and providing the service
  5. Increases your online presence
  6. It’s Pay-for-Performance…only pay for something that happens!

This is a great way to supplement whatever other advertising you may be doing. By using the Internet your business will be found where potential customers are looking. And if they are not finding you, then they are finding a competitor.

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