Generate Leads For Your Business…Effectively!

You have a great product or service to sell, but to be successful it is essential to generate qualified leads. When you can generate interest in what you do within your target audience it is easier to expand your business and increase revenue. Building brand awareness and demonstrating your expertise go a long way in building and maintaining a trusting relationship with prospective clients and current customers. Ultimately, identifying quality leads and transitioning them from prospect to customer is going to be the difference maker, but it all starts with getting those leads in the first place.

Methods of Lead Generation

An effective lead generation strategy includes activities that attract the best prospects– prospects that have expressed a need or interest in your product and want to learn more about what you have to offer. These sales-ready prospects are the leads most likely to make the transition to customer faster and easier. That is why your lead generation strategy needs to stay away from the spam and unfocused telemarketing that blankets an audience not necessarily interested in your product and focuses on building you a list of qualified leads looking to spend money on a product you provide.

Compelling Content to Capture Leads

Providing quality educational content builds brand awareness and organically attracts potential leads from your target audience. Do some research on the most-searched keywords for your prospects and build helpful and truly relevant content that makes people want to come back for more.

Even with great content there can be a disconnect between increasing traffic and converting visitors into good leads. The most effective lead generation landing pages have one clear purpose and use Lead Magnets like free trials, ebooks, webinars and white papers to entice one-time visitors to give you their contact information. Everyone loves “free” and this gives you an opportunity to educate prospects about your business while capturing their email address. This makes lead capture infinitely easier because before you are asking for something, you are giving something and making every step a lead takes with you a valuable one from step one.

Old-fashioned Advertising

Advertising is the original form lead generation but it has gone through some interesting changes in the last two decades as we’ve moved away from our reliance on publication, television, radio and billboard ads towards a heavily digital form of communicating. Today, online banners and PPC ads like Google AdWords can use target exactly the audience you want all day every day with precise analytic feedback. Everybody is doing it, and that’s the problem. With so much advertising noise you must ensure that your message stands out and a click delivers what you promise or it is just another waste of your marketing dollars.

Direct Mail

Direct mail might be considered the dinosaur of this list but when you have clear buyer profile and have perfected a unique selling proposition (USP) that sets you apart from the competition you are able to deliver a message that is meaningful to your audience. The list you use is so important that you must check the reviews and references of review brokers to find the best one for your direct mail campaigns.

Tradeshows, Conferences and Other Events

It’s hard to find a touch point with potential leads and prospects that is more effective than getting an opportunity to have a face-to-face chat. In today’s world of digital communication and inside sales we are conditioned to ignore or push aside a lot of the noise pushed at us as marketing. What is tougher to do is to ignore someone standing right in front of you, and why would you if you are attending an event with the hopes of gaining more information or making a more educated purchase. In that frame of mind, prospective leads are more open and less distracted which is exactly what you want.

Email, Newsletters and Outbound-Marketing Campaigns

There is always a lot of focus on inbound marketing these days, but outbound marketing has proven to be equally, if not more, effective in creating a high-quality list of leads. Deep personalization allows your email and outbound campaigns to effectively speak to the different needs of your diverse audience which is a powerful lead generation tool.

Other Methods of Lead Generation

Keep in mind that you have sales reps for a reason and they have a job to do and that is to sell. Provide incentives for lead generation and give them the resources, training and power to score and nurture leads. Additionally, social media is a gold mine of prospects tweeting about their wants, needs, and experiences with your product. If you have the time and patience to go mining for said gold, you can find potential customers because they are out there on social media platforms looking for positive information that will lead them to the best provider of the services or products they want to buy right now.

When you have a solid lead generation strategy you are able to implement a focused approach that utilizes effective activities to get you qualified leads that turn into dedicated customers and clients. Your strategy should strive to attract the attention of prospects, make your business easy to find, and convert prospects to customers. Which of these lead generation method can you add to your strategy to get you more customers?