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Is Your Advertising Effective? How To Know

Are you spending money on multiple advertising/marketing campaigns? Do you know which campaigns are actually delivering calls? If you are like most businesses (95%), then you don’t.  This means you have no idea which campaigns are worth the investment and which are just a waste of money. The good news is that it doesn’t have to be this way. And it isn’t cost prohibitive like it was in the past. How can you know what campaigns are delivering calls and which are a huge waste of money? Call Tracking!   How Call Tracking Works   What Can Be Tracked? Calls from Online Sources: Organic Search Results Lead Generation Sites Directory Listings Facebook Pages Video Ads PPC Ads Calls from Offline Sources: Print Ads Coupons Billboards Direct Mail TV/Radio Ads Flyers & Brochures   Use For Training, Too! Knowing what advertising is actually driving call volume is great. But what about what happens when the phone call is answered? Are you converting as many calls to new business as you expect? Are your employees handling phone calls they way they were trained? With Call Tracking you will know this, too. All calls can be recorded, which means you know for sure how all calls are being handled. Why is this important? It is good for accuracy purposes, but it is also great for training your employees. Do you know how phone calls are handled? Does everyone answer the same way? Is there an opportunity for improvement? With Call Tracking you will be able to know this (and more). Don’t waste another dime on a worthless campaign. Don’t lose another potential customer because an...

Google Pigeon…It’s Not a Bird

Have you noticed a drop in call volume? Fewer calls coming in can mean a significant drop in revenues, which no business wants to experience. If your phones are ringing less often, this may be why.

6 Tips for Great Landing Pages

Want better Conversions from your Landing Page? Here’s How It is easier than ever to put up a landing page these days, with oodles of tools available to generate beautiful pages with a few simple clicks.

Survey Your Customers

Do you really know how well you’re doing with your clients and customers? Do you have problem areas or gaps in your customer service you’re unaware of? Want to find out what they really think? There’s really only one way to get this information—ask them!


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