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Be Easy To Find – Get More Leads – Increase Sales


What do others think of your business? Does that attract new business or send it to a competitor?


Do more people know about you today than did yesterday? Will even more know about you tomorrow?


Are you maximizing the Lifetime Value of your current, past and future customers/clients?


Are your happy customers working as a built-in salesforce to help your business get more sales?


Is your business everything you want it to be?

If it isn’t, then you are in the right place!

Companies that effectively incorporate the 4R’s are realizing their full potential and building a thriving business. The ones that don’t will continue to struggle to get where they want to be. 

Which one are you?

The Internet can be a powerful marketing tool — when used properly as part of a larger marketing plan. Most business just throw up a website and expect the phone to start ringing.

Unfortunately it doesn’t work that way.


What We Do

Downstream Digital Marketing helps our clients harness the power of the Internet to be easy to find online, get more leads and increase sales. This creates the business that they dreamed of having when they first got started.

We take two steps that make Downstream Digital Marketing uniquely effective:

1. We get to know you and your business – knowing what your goals are and what your current situation is means we put the right plan together.

2. We take a big-picture look at your business – this allows us to identify where there are opportunities for your business to make big leaps. 

How This Makes Us Different

Because we take this approach, you will not find a page that has a a list of services and prices. We have found that too often a business WANTS to hire us for a specific service, when it turns out what they NEED is something different.

We likely provide the services you want, but we want to make sure the conversation we have is the kind that will lead us to setting up what is right for your situation, not what may seem to be right to you when you decide to call.

If you have talked to other marketing agencies, you were likely told that they have the perfect service for you. Regardless of how well it fit your needs, they were telling you it would be the difference maker for you business.

That’s not how we do it.

Results matter, so we want to be sure the service(s) we provide are ultimately going to lead to sales growth.

The 4 “R’s” of Marketing — Reputation, Reach, Retention & Referral — are used to guide the 3 Steps to increasing sales. We walk through each of these to make sure our clients are set up to get the most from all of their marketing and advertising efforts.

1. Set the Foundation

Your company’s Brand is the foundation of your business, but supporting your Brand are two other pieces:

Your Website and your Reputation.

At a minimum, your customers want to be able to learn a bit about you from your website. Not having a professional-looking website will hold you back.

Prospects will look for reviews in order to determine whether to call you or a competitor. Having reviews that are easy to find is a must.

2. Build Your Presence

Getting a website and setting up a review-gathering process is just the start. Being easy to find online is where the real differences are made in your business.

The second R, “Reach”, is where we really get to work and help our clients make their business what they want it to be.

Are you easy-to-find where your target customers will be looking when they need you?

If you aren’t then they are finding your competitors and calling them instead.

3. Stay In Touch

Your happy customers are the ones who will really help put your business over the top. Most businesses are so concerned with getting the next “new customer” in the door, that they ignore the goldmine in their backyard.

You offer more than one service…do your past customers know this?

You provide a great service…do your customers share that with the people they know?

Staying touch will make sure that they do.

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