Be Easy To Find – Get More Leads – Increase Sales


What do others think of your business? Does that attract new business or send it to a competitor?


Do more people know about you today than did yesterday? Will even more know about you tomorrow?


Are you maximizing the Lifetime Value of your current, past and future customers/clients?


Are your happy customers working as a built-in salesforce to help your business get more sales?



What are you doing to use your successful relationships to create new, organic opportunities so that you can spend less and make more? 

Since you are doing such a great job taking care of your customers and keeping them happy, the next best thing you can do is set up systems to maximize the benefit you get from them, right?

Let them do some of the marketing for you!

You have probably found that this is true…if you just leave it up to your clients/customers to send referrals to you, very few will — even if they are very happy with you.

Most people are glad to refer friends and family to a business they like, they just need to be nudged a bit. 

The obvious benefit to referrals is they help us save money on marketing.

Well, cost savings is just one benefit of getting referrals.


Referrals Outperform Customers From Other Channels

Spend More – 2x higher estimated Lifetime Value (One Kings Lane)

Convert Better – 75% higher conversion rate (Rent the Runway)

Buy Faster – Make buying decision 2x faster (Trendyol)

More Loyal – 18% more likely than others to stay with a company (Harvard Business Review)

More Profitable – Generate 16% more in profits (Harvard Business Review)

Why Are Referrals So Powerful?

Social Proof.

People are easily influenced by others. When a trusted friend or family member recommends a product, service or company, we take the recommendation seriously.

And we are quick to act on that recommendation.

Referrals are the hidden key to generating sales growth for every business!

What To Do

Set up a clear Referral Generation System.

Most businesses wait and hope for referrals, they don’t take an active role in trying to generate them.

Your happy customers are glad to refer you to their family and friends, but they are not usually thinking of you, so you have to help them out a bit. 

Start generating referrals and watch your business start to take off!


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