Be Easy To Find – Get More Leads – Increase Sales


What do others think of your business? Does that attract new business or send it to a competitor?


Do more people know about you today than did yesterday? Will even more know about you tomorrow?


Are you maximizing the Lifetime Value of your current, past and future customers/clients?


Are your happy customers working as a built-in salesforce to help your business get more sales?



What are you doing to proactively build, manage, protect and monetize your most valuable asset—your reputation? 


It has never been easier for people to find out what others think of your business before they decide whether to give you a call.

And they will look (even referrals will check you out first!)

The days of people going to the Yellow Pages to find you are over.  They are going online.

And thanks to the growing number of commercials for a variety of online review sites, your customers are being trained to look for reviews before they even pick up the phone. 

This probably isn’t anything new to you, and there’s a decent chance that you are not very pleased about some of the things people have written about your business.

To top it off, some of what is out there may not even be true! Fake negative reviews are a real problem for many businesses.

People looking for reviews put a lot of faith in what they find. What they find (or can’t find) will determine whether they call you or a competitor.

We can help make sure they will want to call you!



Consumers who read online reviews


Say a review must be written within 3-6 months to be relevant


Trust online reviews as much as a personal recommendation


Say postive reviews make them trust a local business more

A Great Reputation Makes Selling Easy

Having a great reputation will sell people on you before they even call. This makes getting that “Yes” very easy!  

When you have great reviews AND you share them, you are setting yourself up to gain a lot of new customers. This generates business growth that you have yet to experience.

On the other hand, a poor reputation (or one that is essentially non-existent) has the opposite effect. It tells potential customers that they should go elsewhere for what they need.

If people cannot feel comfortable enough to call you, then they will call a competitor, which leaves you struggling to get ahead.

Make The Process Simple & Get More Reviews!

Most businesses struggle to get reviews. Why? Because they leave it up to their customers to leave a review and most of the review sites make it hard to actually do that.

Downstream Digital Marketing has an easy-to-use platform that collects reviews and makes them easy to find across the Internet.  

Watch your reputation grow as you get more great reviews (REAL reviews from REAL customers) posted online and see your business grow with it. 

You do a great job for your customers, let the world know that and make it EASY for them to buy from you rather than a competitor!

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