Fill Your Calendar With At Least 20 New Estimates

For The Highest-Quality Prospects You Can Get

Every Month!

And Crush Your Sales Goals

Welcome To Downstream Digital!

Increase Sales And Save Time By Only Meeting With Pre-Qualified Homeowners.


We help Basement Waterproofing, Foundation Repair, and Remodeling contractors generate at least 20 new, high-quality estimates so they can close more jobs. 

Every Month.

Using the traffic your website ALREADY GETS.

Stop buying junky, re-sold leads from well-known national lead generation companies (you know who they are). 

We put you in direct contact with homeowners who need your help…they are EXCLUSIVE to you. 

We don’t do “lead gen”, we have turned it into Demand Gen. 

We make sure you have great conversations and higher-quality appointments with pre-qualified homeowners in need of your services, which means you are more productive with your time, you close more jobs, fill your production schedule, and keep your crews busy.

How Do We Do It? 

This comprehensive approach gets higher-quality appointments on your calendar and provides significantly more opportunities for you to book more jobs and increase sales.


Here’s how:

#1 Improve Conversions

There are two ways we can do this…

a. By installing a customized Lead-Qualifying Configurator on your website. 

Qualify your leads by getting homeowners to tell you about themselves and the project BEFORE they have the option to request an estimate. They self-qualify/disqualify in exchange for an important piece of info that they want from you. Only true prospects get on your calendar for an estimate.

b. Another option is to add a Welcome Mat widget to your website (like we have in the lower right corner). 

The Welcome Mat makes it easy for you to engage the homeowners who visit your website. And it makes it easy for them to contact you. Having a simple interaction like this is shown to help book estimates with visitors before they have a chance to leave your website.

We suggest starting here (with “a” and/or “b”). Get as much as you can from your existing traffic before spending any money to generate additional traffic. We can usually get you 2x to 3x the leads just from your existing traffic.

#2 – Get More Traffic

After you squeeze as much as you can from your existing traffic − and if you have the ability to take on more work − then it’s time to get additional traffic to your website.

Running a highly-targeted paid ads campaign attracts homeowners in your service area who have an issue today and are very much ready to “buy now”, so you get a higher-quality prospect visiting your website. These are homeowners who are currently finding your competitors; let’s make sure they start finding you now. 

Targeted traffic leads to more calls and more booked estimates from the first visit. Combine paid ads with your custom-built Qualifying Configurator and you will see both the volume and quality of your prospects increase dramatically.


#3Bring Visitors Back*

Even with #1 and #2 in place, over 80% of your website visitors will leave without contacting you first. Those 80% who still get away are targeted to be brought back via OmniTargeting.

The simplest way to explain this one…did you ever visit a website and then start seeing ads for that product/service all over the place, kind of like they were following you around? Our OmniTargeting service is similar to that, but bigger (and way less annoying). 

By having Omni in place you stay top of mind in homeowners who visited, which gives your business multiple “second chances” to turn them into a booked estimate/inspection. By reminding them that they visited and giving them reasons to hire you, you get them to come back to your website. 

This gives you a 70% chance of booking an estimate with someone who previously left.

BONUS: the ones who get on your calendar for an estimate are super high-quality because your OmniTargeting ads pre-sold them on your company being the right one for their project. If you get them through your Configurator, it’s nearly a slam dunk sale.

* Due to the new requirements of the online platforms, this service is currently only available for websites getting at least 1,000 unique visitors per month.


Could We Be Right For You?

Your company is probably spending a lot of time and/or money each month trying to keep up in the market and to get visitors to your website so you can put more jobs on your production schedule. 

  • Do you already get visitors to your website?
  • Are you getting the results you want from your efforts? 
  • Do you waste too much time meeting with homeowners who can’t afford to do the project?
  • Do you feel your marketing results should be better than they are?
  • Do you want more work?
  • Can you handle more work?

No matter the results you are currently getting, they can be better. 

Would improving your current results – and getting more out of your marketing efforts –  be a good thing for your business? 

Of course it would! 

And now you are in the right place to make it happen.

Our Specialties...A Sneak Peek

We are not a typical marketing agency. We don’t offer every service there is and deliver “just ok” results because we are trying to do too much. We have mastered two tools that are proven to help your business book more estimates so your sales grow. These are our specialties, so this is where we keep our focus.

Our goal is to make it as easy as possible for your best prospects to find you and contact you and do it without blowing up your budget. And it’s critical that you get significant results as quickly as possible. These tools allow us to do exactly that.

Rankings are nice. 

Clicks are helpful. 

But what truly makes a difference in your business is having exclusive, incoming contact from the highest-quality leads who *need* your help. That is what we deliver.


Lead-Qualifying Configurator

Give homeowners the piece of info that they really need and more of them will book an estimate AND qualify themselves BEFORE they get on your calendar.

Get MORE LEADS and the HIGHEST-QUALITY LEADS from traffic your website already gets.

Paid Ads Management

Eventually you need more traffic. An actively-managed, highly-targeted paid ads campaign delivers homeowners who need your service, but are currently finding your competitors.

Targeted Paid Ads + Configurator cannot be beat.

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