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We Help Your Advertising Perform Better So Your Phone Rings More Often.

Hi! We are Downstream Digital Marketing and we help contractors and home services businesses increase their sales while reducing the cost-per-lead. Depending on what you are doing right now, we may even be able to do it without you increasing your marketing budget.

The simplest way to describe what we do…we help you get multiple “second chances” to get website visitors to call so you have the opportunity to turn more of them into a customer. And these second chances cost less to get than the first visit, so the cost to acquire a new customer can go down significantly.

Your business is likely spending a lot amount of money each month trying to keep up in your market and to increase sales. Are you getting the results you want, or need, from those efforts?

There is a very good chance that no matter what results you are getting, they can be better. If improving your current results is important, then you are in the right place.

Why Downstream Digital Marketing?

We help contractors increase sales.

Having an awesome looking website is great…but getting more calls is what really drives new sales potential.

You are open for business and you want to stay in business. Targeting your best prospects, then reminding them that they visited your website is the best way to keep your phone ringing.

That’s where we come in…we focus on providing the services that will have a real impact on your sales.  We make sure you are seen by the right people and consistently – but gently –  remind them that they visited so they will call you! 

Your team takes it from there to close new sales.

More Calls + Great Follow Up = More Sales

Get More Inbound Calls at a Lower Cost

Goal #1 for us is to get our customers’ phones ringing and help them do it for less than they currently pay to generate a call.

Many agencies make this claim. We actually do it. 

On average, our customers increase sales by 30% while reducing the cost per lead by 20%. We have some customers who increased sales by 40% while reducing the cost per lead by 89%.

These results don’t happen for every customer, but if you are at all like other businesses we talk to, getting the average results would be a tremendous benefit to your business. We can help you get more calls and help reduce the cost of each new customer you get.

Why? Because…

Downstream Digital Marketing is different!

Our Service Is Different

We are not here to sell you on the typical “get more visitors to your website”. 

Getting “more visitors” is too generic a solution and increasing traffic may not help you increase sales. 

We find that businesses many times have one of two primary issues that impacts their sales:

1. They get “enough” traffic, but do not convert enough of them into callers so the sales people can do their job.

2. They do not have enough high-quality traffic, they get mostly tire kickers.

OmniTargeting is the foundation of our service offerings. So, depending on your current situation, getting more traffic may not be your problem. The secret to turning more visitors into callers is to consistently remind them that they stopped by and give them reasons why you are the one to call. It’s these second opportunities to interact that ultimately convert more visits into sales. 

If high-quality traffic is the issue, then a targeted Google Ads campaign working in conjunction with OmniTargeting is the answer. 

And…unlike other agencies you hear from, we are not trying to replace your current marketing agency.

The base OmniTargeting System works seamlessly with whatever they are currently doing for you. They do what they do for you and Omni amplifies their efforts to improve your results.

So, no matter what else you are doing, or who you are working with, you can plug this in to work with that service or agency to get better results.

And it doesn’t matter if you have an in-house marketing team or work with an external agency. We don’t compete with the other activities that you are doing, we supplement them. In fact, the more you are doing, the better Omni works for you!

Our Approach Is Different

We focus on two services and are experts at them.

We are kind of an “un-agency”. We no longer offer anything-and-everything like the typical marketing agency does (websites, SEO, local search, social media management, paid ads, blog posts, logo design, video, print, etc..) and try to be a jack-of-all-trades in an attempt to own all of your marketing activities.

Instead, we decided to become masters of two that we know will have the biggest and fastest impact on your sales – Google Ads and Retargeting. Hire someone else for the other stuff and let us run our piece along side them.


Be Easy To Find

If you aren't getting enough of the right traffic to your website, then your phone won't ring. Get highly-targeted traffic.
Google Ads

Get More Calls

To increase sales you MUST remind visitors that they visited so you get them to revisit. Give yourself that second chance.

Increase Sales

With strong, consistent follow up from your sales team, "more calls" turns into "more customers" and your sales go up.
You're Sales Skills!

Stop Wasting Time Doing It Yourself

You have a business to run. And generating more calls from homeowners who need your service is a great way to increase sales. But, how do you do both things effectively each day?

Don’t waste time trying to figure it out on your own!

Stay focused on running your business and let us worry about the other stuff. We have the experience, expertise, and the tools needed to help your business grow. Let’s have a conversation to see how we can work together.

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