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Roughly 95% of all website visitors leave without leaving their contact information. Downstream Digital works with Basement Waterproofing and Foundation Repair companies to capture as much of that 95% as possible while also delivering the highest-quality lead their website can provide. 

And we can do it only using the traffic the website already gets!

When more traffic is needed (or wanted) we run paid campaigns to attract highly-targeted traffic from homeowners who have a basement or foundation problem.

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Why Choose Us

Get More leads

Get more...with the same effort.

Get Better Leads

Stop meeting with tire kickers.

Get Exclusive Leads

No sharing...they are 100% yours.

Get Targeted Traffic

When you need more visitors.

We want you to get as much as you can while spending as little as possible to do it. 

Advertising budgets are not unlimited, so we help you get the maximum results you can with the budget you have before looking at spending money on the next service.


Our Services

As you can see, we do not offer every conceivable marketing service you could want.

We specialize in the ones that will be the most efficient at delivering you high-quality leads.

Our philosophy is:

1. Get as much as you can from whatever traffic you are already getting to your website,

2. When you are ready for more, we'll send highly-targeted traffic to your website...homeowners in your target area who need your services.

Lead- Qualifying Configurator

Use the traffic your website already gets to book more estimates with pre-qualified prospects.

Google Ads management

Need more traffic? How about better traffic? We'll run your Google Ads and so you get both when you need it..


Most visitors will get away without contacting you first, this gets them to comeback and book,

Welcome Mat

Make it easy to start a quick conversation that keeps visitors on your website. And makes contact easy.

Ready For More Estimates With High-Quality Prospects?

Let’s have a no-pressure call to meet each other and see if we are a fit.

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