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How It All Started

In 2009, our founder, Alan Engel, was using online marketing in his real estate business. At about the same time the Yellow Pages started their steep decline. Google was quickly becoming the new Yellow Pages, which was great for those who do not want to leaf through a book to find a phone number. But for most contracting companies that had relied on the Yellow Pages for years to get their phones to ring, the change was not great.

Contractors who never seriously considered having a website now found that having one is a must. So they would get one put up and wait for their phones to start ringing.

But then they soon learned that just having a website did not mean homeowners would see it and call them. Certainly not as easily as they could find them in the phone book.

A new industry was developing and an opportunity to help other businesses was presented.

Helping businesses be found online went from something the big companies needed to compete to something that virtually every business needs just to keep up. At first, most businesses tried to do this on their own or went with the cheapest provider they could find.

And it showed.

Alan saw how poorly executed the transitions were. After seeing companies hire incompetent service providers – that were mostly good at getting their clients to pay for poor work – and knowing that it did not need to be that way, SweetWater SEO was born in 2010.

As it turns out, the real estate business was actually the very first client. Taking an “old school” business like real estate investing into the 21st century by using Internet Marketing to build the business is exactly what we still do today for our other clients. The focus went from working within one business to helping multiple businesses in the Pittsburgh area and beyond. 

Continuous Change

Our initial services were Web Design and Search Engine Optimization (SEO). These were all that were necessary to get online and ranked highly in the search results. But eventually this was not enough to meet our clients’ growing needs (and keep up with Google’s changes). The Internet keeps evolving, so our service offerings have to evolve as well.

In 2012 we added Mobile Websites, PPC Campaign Management, Lead Generation & some Social Media Management to our services and updated our name to SweetWater Interactive Marketing. This change reflected the move away from being strictly a SEO service provider to a more comprehensive online marketing company.

In 2013, we took a look at the market and saw that more changes were coming. Some services that we provided were being de-emphasized or phased out entirely, while others were being added. With this came the decision to sit down and really think about the business and how to best serve our clients and customers. We worked with Jason Hewitt of Illustrata Brand Enlightenment to take us through the process.

The Downstream Digital Marketing name was born.

This name is a perfect representation of what we do. We make our clients easy to find, so they get more leads and increase sales. And we do it by utilizing the digital tools that the Internet provides.

We have pretty much always preferred to work with contractors, though we have worked with businesses in a wide range of other industries as well. We have found that we enjoy working with contractors and are able to provide a lot of value to them, so in 2016 we have focused solely on home improvement and home services contractors.

The Internet is always changing and we are excited to see what tomorrow brings. By staying on top of changes we are able to adapt your marketing to those changes so you continue to grow.  

With the Covid-19 panademic things changed even more. Now going online to find a service provider is second nature. And with work-from-home people are online more than ever. Providing the best service available to keep our customers in front of website visitors makes our service perform even better.

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