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Case Studies

Configurators work for nearly every type of business within the home improvement industry, so we have built them for various businesses since we developed this unique tool. We do not yet have any case studies pulled together in the foundation repair/waterproofing industry, so we grabbed a few case studies from other industries to demonstrate just how effective they are regardless of the business.

One thing you will notice, they have all gotten great results, yet they are very different businesses. So, even though you are not in one of the industries shown below, a Configurator will help add qualified booked appointments to your calendar (because it provides the answer to an important question that your visitors have).

The key piece of information to keep in mind here…no new traffic was sent to the websites to get these results

This was all achieved just using whatever visitor traffic they are already getting. The only difference is their Configurator converts more of their traffic into the highest-quality leads and qualified appointments. 

So, no matter the source, if your website gets visitors, you can get more leads and qualified appointments on your calendar just by adding your own Configurator.

What could your business do with an increase in leads like these businesses have gotten?


Painting Contractor

Roofing Contractor

Window Contractor

Results will vary, but what we have observed across all Configurators is an average Lead-to-Appointment rate of 31.4%.
(e.g. 36 Leads = 11.3 Estimates Scheduled)

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