Configurator Case Studies

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Case Studies

LeadGen Configurators work for every type of business within the home improvement industry and we have built many since we developed this unique tool. Below are a few case studies from different industries to demonstrate just how effective they are regardless of the business.

One thing you will notice, they have all gotten great results, yet they are very different businesses. So, even if you are not in one of the industries shown below, a Configurator will generate more leads and add qualified booked appointments to your calendar.

This is important to remember…no new traffic was sent to the websites to get these results

This was all achieved just using the visitor traffic they were already getting. The only difference is their Configurator. Having one, on average, generates a 2.2x increase in leads. (If you get 15 “just ok” leads now, could getting 33 of the highest-quality leads help you at all?)

So, no matter the source, if you have visitors, you can get more inbound leads and book qualified appointments onto your calendar just by having your own Configurator.

What could your business do with an increase in leads like these businesses have gotten?



Avg. Monthly Traffic: 1,267 visitors

Leads Before: 12

Leads After: 37

Leads Added: +25/mo

Increase: 208% (3.08x)

Conversion Rate: from 0.95% to 2.92%



Avg. Monthly Traffic: 1,495 visitors

Leads Before: 13

Leads After: 53

Leads Added: +40/mo

Increase: 303% (4.03x)

Conversion Rate: from 0.86% to 3.55%


Bathroom Resurfacing

Avg. Monthly Traffic: 2,500 visitors

Leads Before: 83 

Leads After: 140 

Leads Added: +57/mo

Increase: +69% (1.69x)

Conversion Rate: from 3.32% to 5.60%



Avg. Monthly Traffic: 1,318 visitors

Leads Before: 17 

Leads After: 53 

Leads Added: +36/mo

Increase: +212% (3.12x)

Conversion Rate: from 1.29% to 4.02%


Results will vary, but what we have observed, on average, across over 250 active Configurators is:

  • 2.2x increase in leads (exclusive and qualified)
  • The Lead-to-Appointment rate is 31.4%. (e.g. 36 Leads = 11.3 Qualified Estimates Scheduled)

Hey! Where Are The Business Names?

You probably noticed that we did not include any business names on the case studies. This is intentional.

We learned the hard way to leave them off. 

When we would share names, people would look some up and go through their Configurator to “test it out”. These tests generated a lot of phony leads that our customers got billed for.  Part of our service includes auditing new Configurator leads every week to remove the obvious fakes, but these were impossible to identify because people used real names and/or email addresses. 

It wasn’t until our customers contacted their new “leads” that the phony-ness of them was discovered. When they called they learned the “lead” was another contractor thinking of getting a Configurator, not a homeowner with a project. It was a big deal and a big headache for everyone involved.

So, we no longer share the names of our customers in order to avoid creating this headache again. And, if you come onboard and get a Configurator, your name will be kept hidden as well.

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