Lead-Qualifying Configurator

Get More Leads & The Highest-Quality Leads

From Traffic Your Website Already Gets!



Using the traffic your website already gets.


No more "leads" who don't know why you are calling.


Every prospect knows what to expect before the estimate.


Whatever effort you are putting in to get visitors to your website, it’s working. 

At least a little bit. 

Maybe even a lot. 

But here is why it can be even better…at least 93% (and up to 97%) of your website visitors are leaving without contacting you.

While the 7% of your visitors who do contact you can be worth a great deal, there is a lot of potential business in that other 93% that is slipping away…usually without you even noticing it happened.

Your contact form is probably generating at least a few leads for your business, but you could be getting many more than that. 

Every month. 

And without needing more visitors to find your website.

How? By having a Lead-Qualifying Estimator custom-built by us for your business you WILL get you more leads from the visitors your website already gets

And we know it works. 

Having an Estimator on the website leads to conversions typically increasing by 2x (the range we have seen is 67% to 600%).

And they are the highest-quality you can get from your website. 

Those visitors – homeowners with the budget for their project – want you to contact them and are waiting for your call.


Most Contact Form Leads Stink!

The leads you are getting now from your website…how would you rate them? 

Great, Average, or Poor?

Usually, website contact form leads tend to range from fairly low-quality to completely unqualified. Very few of them can be considered high-quality. 

The reason for this is contact forms are limited in what information they gather. 

You know their name and how to reach them, but you don’t know exactly what they want or need. 

You know they need your help, but you don’t know if they can even afford to do the project.

Are they window shoppers our seriously interested in moving forward?


You may as well just get this…


You don’t learn whether they are a serious prospect until you spend valuable time driving out and back to see the project, work up the numbers, and then follow up to present your estimate. 

How much time does that take?

The “best part” is when you finally present the estimate and sticker shock sets in and they tell you they can’t afford it “right now”.



You deserve better than that. And you can get it. 

You can now capture more of your website visitor and get the highest-quality, pre-qualified leads using just the traffic your website already gets (did we mention this yet?).

And, by having a Lead-Qualifying Configurator – customized for your business – on your website, you don’t just get leads, you get exclusive prospects and all of the information you need to determine whether this project is worth pursuing. 

And after they get an idea of the project cost they ask you to contact them


You may be thinking,.. “What does an Configurator do?”

Imagine you are at a party and casually talking to someone who might have a project. This person wants to pick your brain to get an idea of how much the project might cost to see if it’s something they can do. You cannot give them an official quote, but you can ballpark it for them. 

What questions would you ask them so you can ballpark that number? 

Your Configurator allows you to ask those same questions – on your website – and come up with that rough number.  

And you don’t have to take time out of your day to do it. In fact, it works for your business 24/7/365.

Your Configurator makes it super easy for your visitors to answer the questions so you can get the information you need to give them the information they want from you. The more information you get, the higher the quality of the lead. 

The ones who make it to your calendar are the highest quality lead you can get from your website.

So, instead of just getting a name and some contact info, you get 20 points of info, including:

  • Name
  • Contact Info
  • Location
  • Project Details
  • Expected Budget
  • Project Status (Planning or Ready to Hire)
  • Project Timeline
  • And more

Just think of how this kind of information about a prospect/project could help you and your business.


Your Configurator WILL capture a nice chunk of the 93% who currently get away AND turn them into great leads *and* do it without you having to spending a dime on additional traffic.

But, perhaps the most important function of the Configurator is to qualify your leads and give you the information that you usually get only after spending a lot of time at an in-person meeting.

Why are your visitors willing to give you this information ahead of time? 

So they can get a piece of information they really need… 

One of the most important questions your leads have when they look for the solution to their problem is…How much is this going to cost?

Is that something you have on your website? 

Probably not. 

What we hear a lot is “there are too many variables to give a price, so we have to meet in person to figure it out.”

That makes sense, but it doesn’t need to be that way.

In the early stages, homeowners need a rough idea of the cost so they can figure out whether they can afford the project, so they book an appointment with you to get your estimate/quote. 

Sometimes they are good prospects, but far too often they are not.

What if you could do something that gets only high-quality, true prospects on your calendar? Meaning, you only meet with people who have the budget to afford the work and leave the tire kickers off to the side.

With a Lead-Qualifying Configurator customized for your business, you can. 

Your Configurator gives homeowners what they want AND saves you a lot of time and energy. 

  • If they have the budget for it, they will book an estimate and you have a really good prospect to meet. And they won’t get sticker shock when the written estimate falls in the range of your Configurator’s rough estimate.
  • If they don’t have the budget, they won’t book an estimate and you get to save that time to meet with a high-quality prospect.
By using your Configurator, they Pre-Qualify themselves and save you time!

How Does This Work?


1. We have a call with you to get what we need to build your Configurator. 

  • You decide what questions to ask. 
  • You assign a dollar value range to the possible answers for each question. 
  • We build it (and match it to your brand).

2. As the homeowner answers questions about the project, the price range updates. This gives them a very rough idea of what the project *might* cost based on the answers. This is not an online quote/bid for the actual job. 

3. Seeing this price range helps them determine whether the project could fit in their budget…before they book an appointment and you drive out to meet them. (see the example below).

4. If they determine it can fit in their budget, they request an estimate and you book it. If they do not have the budget, they move on, don’t request an appointment, and don’t take up a valuable slot on your calendar.


IMPORTANT: The purpose of the price range they get is not to lock you into that price; it is simply giving the homeowner an idea of what it might cost based on the answers provided. This helps eliminate tire kickers & bargain shoppers, so you don’t waste a lot of time driving out (and back) to meet them about a project that was never going to close. 

The big plus…You spend more time meeting with true prospects who have a project and can afford your services. Your closing rate should improve dramatically just by meeting with higher-quality prospects.

Your Custom-Built Configurator…

  • Homeowners get an idea of how much they will need to spend so there is no sticker shock when you tell them the cost. 
  • If they are on your calendar you know what the value of project is, where they are in the process, and how soon they want to do it. 

How is that for lead qualifying? 


So, Which One Would You Rather Have?


Stop getting unqualified tire-kickers who might have a project.

Start getting true prospects with a real project and budget that you can book onto your calendar.


Are you buying leads from a big name company only to find that…

The leads are also being sold to 3, 4, 5 (or more) competitors?

The "lead" is not expecting your call?

You do not stand a chance because you cannot call back fast enough?

You get jobs because you “win” margin-crushing price wars?

Stop Buying Crappy Leads. Start Getting Qualified Leads...Directly From Your Website!

A Custom-Built Lead-Qualifying Configurator Is The Way!

1.  The best part…the leads are generated FROM YOUR EXISTING WEBSITE TRAFFIC. Your website is getting visitors, but about 95% of the are getting away…you are missing out on a lot of potential business. Don’t pay for more traffic, get more out of the visitors you already have!

2.  Many of the leads are PRE-QUALIFIED…instead of getting just a name, contact info, and maybe a general idea of what the work is, your Lead-Qualifying Configurator is customized for your business so you get the HIGHEST-QUALITY LEAD POSSIBLE. You get about 20 points of data, including specifics about their project, where they are located, when they want to do the work, and even a budget range.

3.  Because homeowners VISIT YOUR WEBSITE, you are getting EXCLUSIVE leads; no leads are shared with or re-sold to any of your competitors (unless you do it).

4.  Homeowners CONTACT YOU DIRECTLY! Homeowners in your service area with a problem – and in need of your help – are coming to your website. All contact goes straight to you so you can book the appointment right away. We are not a broker or a middleman, we provide the tool that converts more of your website visitors into high-quality leads.

5. Your Configurator works 24/7/365, so you can get high-quality leads even while you are sleeping!



Why Get A Lead-Qualifying Configurator On Your Website?

Uses Existing Website Traffic

Don't pay for new traffic. Convert more of the visitors your website already gets and stretch your advertising dollars.

Qualifies Your Leads

By giving a rough price range, it eliminates tire kickers with no budget.


No sharing or reselling!


You know A LOT about the project and have a higher lead-to-book rate.

Leads Go DIRECTLY To You

We are not a broker. Your Configurator converts your website visitors into qualified prospects that you book onto your calendar.

Be More Productive

Meet only with pre-qualified homeowners in your area who need your help. NO MORE TIRE KICKERS OR STICKER SHOCK!


You only pay for real conversions...no paying for junk.

100% Customizable

Get the information your business needs to turn a lead into a prospect.

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