Lead-Qualifying Configurator

Get The Highest-Quality Leads & Add Qualified Booked Appointments

From The Traffic Your Website Already Gets!



Convert more of your website visitors into leads.


Not just more leads, but more appointments scheduled.


Meet with leads who can afford your services.


The key to getting more leads and scheduling more inspections is not by generating more visitors. It’s likely you already have enough traffic.

What you really have is a conversion problem. 

You just need to get more of your current visitors to raise their hand and let you know they need your help. If you do this you instantly have more leads…with the same traffic!

The reality is at least 93% (and up to 97%) of your website visitors are leaving without contacting you.

So there is a lot of opportunity to generate more leads from the traffic you already have.

You are putting time, money, and effort into getting visitors to your website, but if only 3 of every 100 visitors is raising their hand…a tremendous amount of potential business is slipping away without you even noticing. 

And a lot of resources are being wasted. 

The reason your conversions are low is because you are not providing all of the information your visitors want. When they don’t find it, they go to a competitor’s website hoping they will find it there (here’s a secret…they won’t. Their website doesn’t have it, either).

Start providing the information your visitors want so they don’t go to a competitor to look for it.

A customized, built-for-your-business Lead-Qualifying Configurator is the solution. Your Configurator allows you to easily provide the important piece of information that is currently missing so your visitors stay on your website and become a lead.

And they are the highest-quality leads you can possibly get from your website. 

Those visitors – homeowners with the budget for their project – want you to contact them and are waiting to meet with you.

So, whatever you are doing to get website visitors, keep doing it because traffic is still critical to your success. Instead of spending more money to get more visitors, just make one simple addition to your website – get a Configurator.



The leads you are getting now from your website…how would you rate them? 

Great, Average, or Poor?

If we had to guess, we would say what hits your inbox is usually vague and incomplete. 

You don’t know exactly what they want and you don’t know if they can afford to do the project. 

Well, neither do they!

It isn’t until after you’ve spent hours driving, looking, writing, and presenting that you find out whether this “lead” was any good. 

Too often, when you show them the price they get sticker shock and are out. 

And you are out, too.

You are out all of that time and effort that could have been spent with a qualified prospect.

The leads from your website are essentially this…



You deserve more than vague, incomplete information. And you can get it from your Lead-Qualifying Configurator. 

Your Configurator allows you to ask the questions whose answers generate the info your visitors want. 

And, in return, you get the information about your lead that your business needs. 

The more information you provide, the more appointments you book. 

The more information you collect, the higher your lead quality is. 

Better Quality = More Sales.

The visitors who go through your Configurator and make it to your calendar are the highest-quality lead you can get from your website.

Instead of just getting a name and contact info, you get about 20 points of info, including:

  • Name
  • Contact Info
  • Location
  • Project Details
  • Expected Budget
  • Project Status (Planning or Ready to Hire)
  • Project Timeline
  • And more

Could this kind of information about a prospect/project could help you and your business?



Your Configurator WILL capture a nice chunk of the 93%+ who currently get away AND turn them into great leads. 

And do it without you spending a dime on additional traffic.

But, perhaps the most impressive function of the Configurator is it automates the qualifying of your leads and the gathering of the information that you usually get only after spending time on-site.

Will your visitors actually use your Configurator?

Yes! Because the important piece of information that is missing from your website is a rough idea of how much their project will cost and your Configurator allows them to easily get that right from your website whenever they want to get it.

Your visitors want to know if they have the budget before deciding what to do, but virtually no one provides this information because “the variables of each project make it too difficult to determine without seeing it in person”. 

For an official quote, that’s true. You absolutely need to see the project in person for that.

However, in this early researching stage, a rough, but realistic, price range is good enough.

Your Configurator provides this information in about 3 minutes and without any interaction from you.

This info is wanted because your visitors tend to fall into one of two groups…

1. They don’t know if they have the budget and want to figure that out before setting an appointment with you (they don’t want to waste their time, either).

2. They are pretty sure they have the budget, but they want to verify it without “risking” an appointment with an aggressive salesperson…just in case they were wrong about having the budget. 

Your Configurator helps them figure out whether they can move on to the next step and book a time for you to look at their project or re-think their plans.

In the end, you and your visitors both get what you want.

– They get an idea of the cost so they know what to do next (contact you or move on).
– You book estimates with qualified leads, so you don’t waste your time with tire kickers/bargain shoppers.

Your Configurator gives homeowners info they want while saving you a lot of time and energy by gathering the info you need.


How Does This Work?


1. We have a call with you to get what we need to build your Configurator. 

  • We help you determine what questions to ask. 
  • You assign a dollar value range to the possible answers for each question. 
  • We build it (and match it to your brand).

2. As the homeowner answers questions about the project, the price range updates. This gives them a rough idea of what the project *might* cost based on the answers. This is not an online quote/bid for the actual job. 

3. Seeing this price range helps them determine whether the project could fit in their budget (see below)…before they book an appointment and you drive out to meet them. 

4. If they determine it can fit in their budget, they request an estimate and you book it. If they do not have the budget, they move on, don’t request an appointment, and don’t take up a valuable slot on your calendar.


IMPORTANT: The Configurator is NOT an online quoting tool. You aren’t giving them the price to do the job; you are simply giving an idea of what it might cost based on the answers provided so they can determine their next step (Call you or Move on). 

This helps eliminate tire kickers & bargain shoppers, so you don’t waste time driving and meeting about a project that is never going to become a job for you. 

The big plus…you spend your time meeting with qualified leads who have a project and can afford your services. Your closing rate will improve dramatically just by having higher-quality appointments.

With a Lead-Qualifying Configurator…

  • You attract visitors who might otherwise leave your website without leaving their info.
  • Your leads get a good idea of how much they will need to budget for the project. 
  • You learn a lot about the project, where they are in the process, and how soon they want to do it…before an appointment is booked. 
  • Everyone saves time because people without the budget for the project will not book an appointment.

How is that for lead qualifying? 

So, Which One Would You Rather Have?



Stop getting unqualified tire-kickers who might have a project.

Start getting qualified leads with a real project and budget that you can book onto your calendar.



Prefer watching a video rather than read a bunch of text on a website? You have that option.


Are you buying leads from a big name company only to find that…

The leads are also being sold to 3, 4, 5 (or more) competitors?

The "lead" is not expecting your call?

You do not stand a chance because you cannot call back fast enough?

You get jobs because you “win” margin-crushing price wars?

Stop Buying Crappy Leads.

Start Getting Qualified Leads...Directly From Your Website.

A Custom-Built Lead-Qualifying Configurator Is The Way!

1.  The best part…the leads are generated FROM YOUR EXISTING WEBSITE TRAFFIC. Your website is getting visitors, but over 95% of them are getting away…you are missing out on a lot of potential business. Don’t pay for more traffic…get more out of the visitors you already have!

2.  Many of the leads are QUALIFIED…instead of getting just a name, contact info, and maybe a general idea of what the work is, your Lead-Qualifying Configurator is customized for your business so you get the HIGHEST-QUALITY LEAD POSSIBLE. You get about 20 points of data, including specifics about their project, where they are located, when they want to do the work, and even a budget range.

3.  Because homeowners VISIT YOUR WEBSITE, you are getting EXCLUSIVE leads; no leads are shared with or re-sold to any of your competitors (unless you do it).

4.  Homeowners CONTACT YOU DIRECTLY! Homeowners in your service area with a problem – and in need of your help – are coming to your website. All contact goes straight to you so you can book the appointment right away. We are not a broker or a middleman, we provide the tool that converts more of your website visitors into high-quality leads.

5. Your Configurator works 24/7/365, so you can get high-quality leads even while you are sleeping!



Why Get A Lead-Qualifying Configurator On Your Website?

Lower Cost-Per-Lead

More leads from the traffic your website already gets! No need to get more traffic (unless you want to)

Qualified Leads = Saved Time

Eliminates tire kickers and bargain hunters with no budget.

Higher Quality = Higher Close Rate

Stop meeting tire kickers. Qualified leads are easier to close.


We are not a broker. Your Configurator converts your website visitors into qualified prospects that you book onto your calendar.

100% Customizable

Get the information your business needs to turn a lead into a prospect.

Higher Conversion Rate

Same traffic, but more leads incoming. And they're QUALIFIED leads!

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