LeadGen Configurator

Get Superior Leads & Qualified Appointments

From The Visitors You Already Have!



Convert more of your website visitors into leads.


Not just more leads, but also more appointments scheduled.


Homeowners who can afford your services.

Learn all about the Configurator in about 6 minutes.


Who is this for?

The LeadGen Configurator is the perfect tool for Home Improvement Businesses that:

  • Are looking for a way to get more leads from the website traffic they already have, or…
  • Have noticed that the leads they currently get are “just ok” and they want better leads, or…
  • Feel they are wasting too much time meeting with homeowners who cannot afford their services, or…
  • Want an effective way to get more & better leads and qualify their appointments so they can grow sales more predictably. 


The LeadGen Configurator is an online tool that we custom-build for your business that turns more of your visitors into exclusive, highest quality leads and books qualified estimates.

In other words, without adding more traffic to your website, you get better results. Could this be a good fit for your business?

It is if you ever say something like…

  • We need more leads.
  • We need better leads.
  • Qualifying our leads first would really help.
  • The leads we are buying are a waste of money.
  • Getting new leads is too inconsistent and expensive.
  • We are not scheduling enough good estimates.

If you get visitors to your website, but you feel like your results should be better, a Configurator is the answer you’ve been looking for. It solves all of these problems…using the visitors you already have. 

When you have a Configurator, you don’t need more traffic, you just need to turn more of your visitors into leads & appointments.



Because you want more appointments, but up to 98% of your visitors are leaving without even becoming a lead first. 

It’s true. Most website visitors leave without contacting you first because at least some of the information they want to find on your website is missing. When they can’t find it, they leave to look for it on a competitor’s website. 

And it turns out that there is one piece of information that homeowners always want, but can never find…a rough – but realistic – idea of the cost for their project.  

Will they find that on your website? Probably not. 

But if they could, you would start attracting far more leads than you do today! 

Providing this information is the secret to turning your visitors into a lot more leads. And now there’s an easy way to give to them.

That’s why you need a Configurator.

The Configurator is an interactive tool, custom-built for your business, that makes it easy to give your visitors a ballpark price range for their job. To get it, all they have to do is spend about 2 minutes answering some easy questions about their project

Give them what they want (ballpark cost) and you will get what you want (more leads).

NOTE: The Configutrator gives them a rough cost range, not an official price/quote. You still go see the project in person to quote the job.

Why do they want an idea of the cost? 

So they can figure out what to do next without running the risk of meeting with any overly-aggressive salesman.

  • If the cost is beyond their budget, they won’t book an estimate. You avoided wasting time with a bad lead.
  • If it fits in their budget, they will want an official, in-person estimate from you. You just booked a qualified appointment!

If a homeowner already has a good idea of how much the project will cost and still schedules an estimate with you…can you give yourself a better sales opportunity than that?     


Effective APPOINTMENT generation has 3 parts. 

this is how the Configurator fits into the process.


The Configurator makes your lead generation & estimate booking efforts easier & more profitable…using the visitors you already have, no matter how you get them. 

The key is having traffic. As long as you have visitors, the Configurator will work for you.


What Does A Configurator Do?

Uses Existing Traffic

No matter how you get your visitors, your Configurator will turn more of them into leads & appointments.

Provides A Rough Idea Of The Cost

Now you can quickly give your visitors the piece of information they always want, but can never find.

Attracts More Visitors

Let homeowners know they can get an instant online estimate from you and watch how many more show up.

Makes It Quick & Easy

In 2 minutes homeowners get the ballpark price range they want and you get the project details you want, all with no effort on your part. Can it get any easier than that?

Generates The Best Leads

Homeowners gladly tell you all about their project, where they are in the process, and even an idea of their budget.

Qualifies Appointments

After leads see the ballpark cost, they can request an appointment. If they're on your calendar, they're qualified.

Increases Appointments

Get 3x-5x more appointments every week just by giving homeowners the info they want (and then follow up.)

Works 24/7

It’s completely automated. Set it up once and let it work forever to turn your visitors into superior leads & qualified appointments. Even while you're sleeping.

Which Lead Would You Rather Have?

Imagine this scenario…

You absolutely need to make a sale, but you only have one slot available to go look at a project.  Which of these leads would you feel better about scheduling for that slot?


Typical Lead



Configurator Lead

Click to enlarge


The Configurator gathers 20 pieces of information about your leads and their projects in under 3 minutes and without you being involved. 

Would it help if you had this kind of information the INSTANT a new lead comes in?



More Leads

Uses your existing visitor traffic. More from what you have.

More Appointments

Better leads means more sales opportunities.

More Sales

Qualified homeowners say “Yes” more often.

More Time

No more tire kickers, window shoppers, or sticker shock.

Exclusive Leads

Homeowners coming directly to you/your website.

Superior Leads

You cannot get better leads anywhere else. (see above)

Qualified Appointments

Homeowners who know they can afford your services.

Advertising $$ Options

You are getting better results...increase, decrease, or stay?

Stop Buying Crappy, Shared Leads.

Start Getting Qualified Leads...Directly From Your Website.


Learn all about the Configurator in about 6½ minutes.



Your Configurator is an online tool just like your website is. So, with links and QR codes you can use it anywhere your business advertises.

Having a Configurator makes lead generation easier, better, and more profitable.

Making it easy for your ideal prospects to get to your Configurator means you get even more leads and appointments from all of your advertising!


A Custom-Built LeadGen Configurator Is The Way!

1.  Leads are generated FROM YOUR EXISTING WEBSITE TRAFFIC. Your website is already getting visitors, but up to 98% of them are getting away…you are missing out on a lot of potential business. Don’t pay for more traffic…get more out of the visitors you already have, first!

2.  Now your leads are QUALIFIED…instead of getting just a name, contact info, and maybe a general idea of what the work is, your Configurator is built for your business so you get the HIGHEST-QUALITY LEAD POSSIBLE. You get about 20 points of data, including specifics about their project, where they are located, when they want to do the work, and even a good idea of their budget.

3.  These new leads are from homeowners who came to you, so they are EXCLUSIVE to you; no leads are shared with or re-sold to any of your competitors (unless you are the one doing it).

4.  Homeowners CONTACT YOU DIRECTLY! Homeowners in your service area with a problem – and in need of your help – are coming to your Configurator. All contact goes straight to you so you can book the appointment right away. We are not a broker or a middleman, we provide the tool that converts more of your website visitors into high-quality leads, that’s it.

5. Your Configurator works 24/7/365, so you get qualified, exclusive leads at any time of day, even while you are sleeping!




Exclusive Leads

We are not a broker. Your Configurator converts your website visitors into qualified leads.

Qualified Leads = Saved Time

Eliminates tire kickers and bargain hunters with no budget.

Qualified Leads = More Sales

No more tire kickers. Qualified leads say "yes" more often.

Lower Cost-Per-Lead

More leads from the traffic your website already gets! No need to get more traffic (unless you want even more leads).

100% Customized

Get the information your business needs to turn a lead into a prospect.

Higher Conversion Rate

Same traffic, but more leads. And they're QUALIFIED!

The Next Step?

Find out whether a Configurator is the right solution for you.

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