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As the Yellow Pages began to fade, a replacement was needed…and it became clear the solution would be online. In 2011 Downstream Digital was founded by Alan Engel to provide that solution to businesses being left behind by the end of the Yellow Pages.

Initially we provided websites and Google rankings services. We would work with any business type, usually very small businesses with 1-10 employees.

This was our approach at the beginning and it worked…until it didn’t.


Due to the ever-changing rules surrounding Google Search that made it extremely difficult (and waaaay too slow) to deliver great results, we shifted from offering SEO to running actively-managed Google Ads campaigns.

With some new tools that have come along, we have built out our comprehensive marketing systems to enhance the results we can deliver.

As you can see on our website today, we don’t offer a bunch of different services like the marketing agencies you usually hear from.

We specialize in a small number of services that generate the fastest AND most significant impact on your business.

Getting results quickly and realizing a healthy return (ROI) on the money invested is important to every business we talk to. That is what we deliver.



Over the years we have evolved from a “work with anyone” agency into a very specialized provider of high-performance marketing systems. 

In 2011 our market was small businesses in our local area.

By 2017 we expanded our scope to all of the USA, but started to restrict our work to home improvement/home services contractors (roofers, landscapers, painters, etc.) We found we enjoyed working with those guys the most and we were good at getting them the results they needed to keep going (and growing). 

When the pandemic hit, unfortunately many of our customers got hit hard. This meant we took a hit as well. So, we looked closer at our business and decided we needed to narrow even further.** 

Ultimately, we chose to specialize in serving basement waterproofers and foundation repair companies. 

The big benefit to industry specialization is it allows us to really get to know your industry (we are always learning new things about it), which helps us provide you with a better, more effective service.

Instead of learning a bit about 10 different industries, we have gone deep to learn one industry (well, two very closely related industries). We have gotten really good at delivering what is needed to produce the results you need to move your business forward so you can do more of what is important to you.


By narrowing our range of services and who we serve, Downstream Digital has developed a package of services that are proven to deliver meaningful results to your business and do it quickly.

** We still have some customers in other industries and will work with them as long as they will have us. We continue to deliver the results they need, they are a great for keeping our skills sharp, and they are a terrific source for excellent case studies. It’s a Win-Win.

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