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Most Commonly Asked Questions


If you were talking to someone and they asked you to roughly ballpark the cost for some work, what (multiple-choice) questions would you ask? 

That’s what we would use in your Configurator.

But, here are some examples that most homeowners should be able to answer…

Basement Waterproofing

  1. What are the symptoms of the water problem in your basement? 

  2. What is the size and layout of your basement? 

  3. What is the age of your home? 

  4. What type of foundation does your home have? 

  5. What is the source of the water problem? 

  6. Are there any existing waterproofing measures in place? 

Foundation Repair

  1. What are the symptoms of the foundation damage? 

  2. What is the size and layout of the foundation? 

  3. What type of foundation is it? 

  4. What is the suspected cause of the damage?

  5. Has the damage progressed over time? 

  6. What are your goals for the repair? 

Concrete Leveling

  1. What is the square footage of the concrete surface that needs leveling?

  2. How severe is the unevenness of the concrete surface?

  3. What is the accessibility of the area that needs leveling? Is it easy to reach, or is special equipment needed?

  4. What is the depth of the concrete slab that needs leveling?

  5. What is the current condition of the concrete surface? Does it have any cracks or other damage that needs to be repaired before leveling?

  6. What type of leveling method is desired? 

Could you come up with a rough, but realistic, price range with answers to questions like these? Then a Configurator will work for your business.


There are some variables in this, but this will give you a good idea of what to expect.

Lead-Qualifying Configurator

$1,197/mo (unlimited leads)

+ $98/Estimate Request

Additional Service Configurators – $400/ea.

WITH Google Ads Add-On

$1,997/mo + ad spend (unlimited leads)

Ad Spend Budget – $35 $100/day

OmniTargeting (add-on)

Our Management Fee – $400/mo 

Ad Spend Budget – $10-$15/day 


Actually, those two items are base requirements in order to work together.

0-600 Visitors per Month

Google Ads+Configurator is recommended

600+ Visitors Per Month

Configurator (Google Ads “maybe”)

1,000+ Visitors Per Month

Add-on OmniTargeting


These are the basic requirements:

  • A website
  • Desire to increase sales
  • Ability to take on more jobs
  • Strong sales process to convert callers into customers
  • Budget for ad spend ($350/mo for Omni, a minimum of $1,000/mo for Google Ads if applicable)
  • Ability to make a minimum commitment of 3 months

It really comes down the what your monthly website visitor traffic numbers, their quality, and your sales goals.


The list is really short…

  1. Some info and content from you so we can build out the Configurator/write ad copy.
  2. Access to your website and other platforms (Facebook, Google) to connect everything (as needed)
  3. Answer the phone
  4. Close sales

The platforms (Google, Facebook, etc.) charge when ads are displayed or clicked. They charge you directly periodically through each month so you just need to cover that via whatever payment method you want to use. We will help you get that set up.

Google Ads – Each time a visitor clicks an ad, there is a charge from Google.

For campaigns we manage we require a minimum budget of $1,000/mo. This amount may vary by the local market competitiveness and the results desired.


OmniTargeting – charges based on how often your ad is displayed and each platform determines this.

We suggest budgeting $350/mo.


Your Configurator will send submissions via email…those you can get on Day 1 that your Configurator is live on your website. It all depends on your traffic level.

Google Ads can generate calls virtually the day your ads go live. That’s not a guarantee, but we have many customers who started getting calls within a day or so of their campaign going live.

Then OmniTargeting will work over an extended period to get those who did not call to re-visit and as re-visits occur you will find you call volume increasing.

It is in Month 3+ after the launch when the volume really picks up as the audiences have been gathered and the ads have gotten dialed in for maximum effectiveness.


We don’t use a contract. We do have an agreement that is structured as a 3/9 agreement. This means we have a 3 month agreement with an out option after 3 months. After the initial 3 month term it is a month-to-month agreement.

We structure it this way for a few reasons.

  1. You should not be tied into a long-term agreement if you are not getting results, so we have an out option.
  2. The 3 months is needed to give us time to gather data and have time to make meaningful adjustments for your market. It takes time to gather that real-world data. 

For Google Ads…Yes.

Your phone number is likely something that you have had for a long time, or well known in your market. That’s great…keep using it. Call tracking is used on the landing pages and in the ads — and it forwards to whatever phone number you want..

The reason for using call tracking is so we (you and us) can track the effectiveness of the campaign. If the same phone number is used for everything, it is impossible to know which efforts are getting results and which are a waste of money.

We want to make sure you can make informed decisions about our service, which you could not do if we used your main number on the ads.

As a side note…

If you are spending money on any kind of mailers or print ads you should have a unique call tracking number on each one so you can identify which ones are actually generating phone calls. If one is working well and one is not, then you know where to spend your money. 



No one will see your Omni ads if they do not ever visit your website. Ads are most effective when they are being seen by people who have already shown an interewst in your services.

People who have visited your website have shown that they have some level of interest in what you sell, so your ads will be more effective is seen only by them.


Using OmniTargeting, you can stay top-of-mind with prospects who are the most engaged with your business ie, those who have already visited your website.

We keep them engaged and increase their interest by using your ads to tell your business story. and your story gets shared pretty much everywhere online:

  • Gmail
  • YouTube
  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • LinkedIn
  • As well as numerous industry leading websites such as
    • Amazon
    • Tripadvisor
    • Yahoo
    • CNN
    • The Weather Channel
    • And many others

We create 4 types of ads for your campaign…


  • Show your brand/product/service
  • Highlight your unique selling points


  • Build your reputation via social proof from past customers
  • Text or video


  • Time-sensitive relative to when your prospect sees the ad
  • Provides an incentive to re-visit or call


  • Any excuse for an offer (holiday, day of week, season, etc.)
  • Changed up every 3 months, so not for a Flash Sale event.

We suggest $300-$350/mo. because that is a typical amount our customers spend. But it can be raised if you want. Or lowered. There is flexibility here so you can adjust as needed based on the results you are getting.

Depending on how competitive your local market is, your ad spend could go as high as $500/mo., but only if you want to spend that much. You can set a limit so you are in control of what you actually spend.

If you want to keep your ad spend down, that is not a problem. Once your limit is hit your ads will not be displayed by the platforms again until the next month begins. Or until you raise your limit, whichever comes first.

If your market will absorb $500/mo, but you want to stick with $300/mo, that can work out well depending on your business. 

For example, if your ad budget runs out during the 3rd week of the month, but you are busy enough to get through the rest of the month, then it sounds like a good way for you to fund your ad spend. 

The only question is...will the lack of ads toward the end on Month A affect call volume at the beginning of Month B? If you notice that happening, then increasing the budget is a good idea.


No. Ads and landing pages need to be targeted to a single service/city in order to be effective. 

We offer a discount for running multiple campaigns (either for an additional service or to target a second market if you operate in multiple larger cities.)

For example, each of these would be an individual campaign (4 total)…

City A – Foundation Repair

City A – Crawl Space Encapsulation

City B – Basement Waterproofing

City B – Concrete Leveling

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