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Google Ads Campaign Management

Target Your Ideal Customer To Increase Website Visits and Improve Website Visitor Quality

Paid ads, like Google Ads, can create a nearly instant flow of leads to your foundation repair business. When it is done properly, your phone starts ringing quickly − and more frequently − and you get a great return on your marketing investment.

And it is trackable, so you will know exactly how well your campaign is doing. 

When Google Ads is combined with OmniTargeting you have an extremely effective marketing system that delivers a tremendous return on your marketing budget.

Our Google Ads service delivers these primary results:

1. Generates highly-targeted traffic from your ideal prospects

2. Quickly adds visitors into your omniTargeting system

If your website is lacking traffic, then your Google Ads Campaign will build up the visits needed for OmniTargeting to maximize conversions

Target Your Ideal Customer

OmniTargeting is a terrific service, but it can only work if your website has enough traffic. So, for websites that need more traffic, we suggest getting the Traffic & Sales Accelerator package. 

But let’s forget about OmniTargeting for a moment…are you getting enough traffic to meet your sales goals? If you aren’t, then starting a targeted paid ad campaign should be the next thing on your list.

With Google Ads (formerly called Google AdWords) you can expand your reach and target the search terms that are most valuable to your business. And you can target the areas where your services are most needed. 

If you are looking for a profitable marketing tool that works quickly, Google Ads is it. Add OmniTargeting to it and you have an extremely effective marketing service in place that can help your sales takeoff!

Not only can Google Ads get your phone ringing quickly and deliver outstanding results, it is measurable so you will know very quickly – and with certainty – how well it is working. When you hire us to manage your campaign you also get OmniTargeting, which makes the performance even better. 

The Many Benefits of Paid Advertising

Works Quickly – Get calls coming in as soon as the day your campaign launches!

Highly-Targeted – Put your ads in front of people in need of your services. 

Budget Control – Set a daily budget so you have complete control over your ad spend each month.  

Measurable  – We track conversions so you know how much revenue is a direct result of the campaign.

Professional Management For Best Results

Paid ads, like Google Ads, can create a nearly instant flow of leads to your business. When the campaign is done properly, your phone starts ringing quickly and more frequently and you get a great return on your marketing investment.

And our Google Ads campaign includes Call Tracking, so you will know exactly how well your campaign is doing. 

Unfortunately, when it is managed poorly, it can cost you A LOT of money very quickly with little to no results to show for it.

Maybe you are working with an agency to manage your campaigns. Perhaps you have an employee who “dabbles” with it when he/she has time. If you are not getting the results you expect, it is very likely due to poor campaign management.

Ads success is not something that just happens. It takes a knowledgeable, experienced management team to make it happen. Downstream Digital Marketing is here to lend our expertise and experience to your campaign because your business deserves the best!  

Case Study

We have been working with a basement waterproofing company in Charlotte, NC and have gotten strong results for them in a very short period of time. They had never used Google Ads and were looking for a way to jumpstart their sales.

  • Conversion Rate before: N/A 
  • Target Rate: 10%
  • Actual Rate (5-month avg): 12.03%
  • Total Conversions: 67

A strong conversion rate for a lead generation campaign such as this is 10%, so the goal was fairly agressive, but achievable. It usually takes some time to get a new campaign to convert well, but within 4 weeks we were at just under 14%. Month 1 saw three conversions, Month 2 had 12, and by Month 5 we were up to 21 conversions. 

Basement Waterproofing Case Study Details

Why Our PPC Service Works So Well

Active Management

We do not employ the popular "set it and forget it" management technique. By employing a hands-on optimization approach, our team of certified professionals will ensure that we continue to improve your campaign performance, day after day, week after week, month after month.

Landing Page Development

Successful PPC campaigns are about a lot more than ad clicks. The landing page on your website that a visitor sees when they click your ads is just as, if not more, important to how well your campaign performs. A well designed landing page can double or triple the return on your ad spend.


Remarketing (or retargeting as it is also called), is one of the most powerful ways to boost your PPC campaigns to make them more effective. By showing targeted, appropriate ads to your hottest prospects in the weeks and months that follow their initial visit to your website, we can draw them back to your website.

How Might Google Ads Improve Your Business?

Just as we did with OmniTargeting, let's do a little exercise to see how the numbers might look for you...

  1. Minimum Required Ad Spend for our Goole Ads Management service is $1,000/mo (paid directly to Google)
  2. Based on Actual Customer Results – 18-29 conversions (calls from visitors) expected
  3. Based on Actual Customer Results – 140+ visitors added to OmniTargeting each month and seeing your ads

Of course, your numbers may be different. Maybe you convert more than 60% of calls into bids. Perhaps your close rate is higher. Or lower. Maybe your average revenue and profit margin are different.

Do this exercise with your numbers…what is the potential additional profit for your company?

(If you want to see what your Gross Revenue would be, set Profit Margin % to 100)

If the profit amount your numbers projected would help your company grow, let’s get together to talk for a few minutes. 

If You Could Turn $1 Into $2, $3, or More. . .Would You Do It? 

Google Ads + OmniTargeting has the potential to do that for your BUSINESS.

Brand New Campaigns

If you have never run a Google Ads campaign or it’s been a while since you last ran one and are now ready to get started, you are in the right place.

From the initial Market Analysis that verifies whether a paid ads campaign can be profitable for your company, to getting the campaign up & running, and then managing it each month, we will take care of the whole process for you.

And we are not a set-it-and-forget-it “manager”. We actively manage all of our campaigns. We regularly test, review, and make adjustments in order to maximize the results of your campaign budget dollars.

Existing Campaigns

If you are not sure that you are getting the results you expect, we offer a review service. Let us take a look at your campaign for you to see if it is set up to maximize your results.

Our Campaign Review looks at everything that is going on in your Google Ads account to make sure it is set up appropriately to meet your business goals. Our reviews generally uncover the potential for 20-40% in cost savings. And that doesn’t include any performance improvements that may be uncovered.

If you would like a thorough review of your current campaign, just let us know!