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Effective lead generation has 3 components that work together to produce outstanding results…

  1. Traffic Generation – driving ideal prospects to you/your website.
  2. Traffic Conversion – turning visitors into leads/appointments.
  3. Lead Conversion – converting leads into booked appointments 

Most lead generation companies only cover one, sometimes two of the three components. We will do all three without a monthly fee.

>>What This Looks Like<<

SuperiorLeads System

If you want a solution that is an integral part of your own lead generation efforts so you can maximize the results you get from any marketing & advertising that you are doing or plan to do in the future, the SuperiorLeads System is the service you need. 

From there, it’s just a matter of deciding which of the 3 Components you want to include in your system. Starting with Leads+ and working your way up might be the smart way for you to approach it, depending on your situation.

Leads+ – strictly focused on Traffic Conversion. This option adds the LeadGen Configurator. Leads+ is the service that got the results shown in the Case Studies. This is a great choice if you already get at least 15 leads per month and just want to get better results from the traffic generation activities you already doing (paid ads, SEO, referrals, direct mail, print ads, etc.).

LeadsBooster – adds on Lead Conversion. Not every lead is prepared to schedule an estimate right away, so add them to an automated SMS and email follow-up campaign so you can eventually add them to your calendar. If you don’t already have a rock-solid follow-up process in place so you contact your leads at least 8 times, this is the way to go. 

LeadFlow Acceleratoradds Traffic Generation. This package has all 3 components of effective lead generation. With this option we set up and manage a paid ads campaign for you to attract even more homeowners to your Configurator system. This is worth considering once you have maxed out the results you get from your existing traffic and are ready to further increase your leads and appointments.

More Visitors + Your Configurator + Follow-Up = More Leads = More Appointments = More Sales.


If you want to keep it super simple and just buy high-quality, exclusive leads to supplement the leads you’re already getting, then our PureLeads service is the perfect choice. 

Just order as many leads as you need when you need them. Once your order is filled, re-order* as necessary.

*Self-serve online re-ordering is coming soon!


NOTE: If Google Ads or Facebook Ads (Traffic Generation) are wanted as a stand-alone service (i.e. no Configurator), we do offer that as a service. However, these are not done on a performance basis, they are billed a campaign set up fee + monthly campaign management fee and require a minimum commitment of 3 months (payable to start). At Month 4 it becomes a month-to-month agreement.

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