Website Content Submission

Quickly & Easily Share Your Content

Text ♦ Images ♦ Documents ♦ Video

The biggest factor in keeping a website project on track is getting the content.

Keeping it fresh after it’s launched is just as important as building it.

This page makes sharing your content as easy as possible.

Website Projects (In Progress)

This is the easiest way to get your content items submitted so we can keep your project on course. You do not need to submit everything at once — though that does make it much easier to meet our launch deadline — so you can come back to this page as many times as needed to submit content as you get it.

Website Maintenance (Post-Launch)

Have changes to make or content to add? Submit it here and we’ll do the rest!

If you have selected one of our Hosting & Maintenance plans, use this page to submit your new content, updates, and/or changes.

A few notes

• Page / Gallery – Please note the page or image gallery that you are submitting content for so we can keep everything organized. Submit for one page/gallery at a time. Multiple submissions can be made for the same page/gallery, but keep just one page/gallery to each submission made.

• Text Content – acceptable formats are Microsoft Word, Apple Pages, or Text files. These formats allow us to copy the text from your document and paste it onto the site rather than having to re-type everything (which leads to typos).

• Images – upload your images and provide a note if there is a specific page that the image should go on. Or, if there is a separate image gallery for a group of pictures, indicate the Gallery Name for those pictures. 

For example…”Exterior Pictures”, “Interior Pictures”, “Restorations”, “Commercial”, etc.

The best format to use for each type…

Photos – .jpg or.png

Logos –  .png

We can also add gifs to your site.

• Documents – do you have a report, document, guide, brochure or other item that visitors can download? Best format is PDF.

• Video – if there is video to use it first needs to be hosted somewhere (YouTube, DailyMotion, Vimeo, Wistia, etc.). Please submit the URL of each video.