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Use REAL NUMBERS From Your Business To See The Potential Growth Possibilities

Every call that comes into your business is an opportunity for a sale. You know that. If increasing sales is important to you, then there is a strong chance that all that is missing is having more incoming calls. 

Get your own LeadFlow Accelerator system set up so you can get more calls, book more estimates, and increase your sales!


Can Our LeadFlow Accelerator Help Your Business?

Let's do a little exercise to see how the numbers might look for your company...

First, here are a few notes:


Ad Spend is $1,000/mo (our min. requirement, you pay the ad platforms directly – we’ll help you get that set up). Your market and budget may support a higher amount, but we’ll keep it at the low end for this example.

  1. Based on historical results at the minimum spend level, our campaigns deliver:
    1. Basement Waterproofing – 18-29 calls per month
    2. Foundation Repair – 10-12 calls per month  
  2. Plus, 120+ visitors added to your OmniTargeting system (prong #3) each month. These are visitors to the website, most of whom did not call, but have a 70% chance of coming back later.

The scenario below is based on the average Basement Waterproofing company’s spend. 


Of course, your numbers may be different

Maybe you convert more/less than about 2/3 of calls into booked estimates. Perhaps your sales team has a higher close rate. Your average job revenue and profit margin could be different. 

Check below and see what it looks like using your numbers.


Now it’s your turn…

Do this exercise with your numbers to get a more realistic idea of what we could do for your business. What is the potential additional revenue and/or profit for your company? Is that a good result?

(To see what your Gross Profit & Revenue would be, set “Profit Margin %” to 100)

Two columns
Potential Profit Calculation
Name Total
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If the revenue/profit projected by using your numbers would help your company meet its sales goals, let’s work together to make it happen. We can get the ball rolling on our call.


A quick note…our target is to generate a minimum of 5x the cost of our service for you each month. We want you to be profitable from Month 1.


If You Could Turn $100 Into $150 – $250 (or More). . .Would You Do It? 

Our LeadFlow accelerator™ has the potential to do that for your company.

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