The SuperiorLeads System

Exclusive Leads & Qualified Appointments.

No Paid Ads or New Traffic Needed!




Effective appointment generation has 3 components that work together to produce business-changing results…

  1. Traffic Generation – driving ideal prospects to your business.
  2. Traffic Conversion – turning your visitors into new leads.
  3. Lead Conversion – converting new leads into booked appointments 

The contractors we work with already have #1 (Traffic Generation) covered. Without traffic, there can not be any leads or appointments.

We use the traffic they have to generate superior-quality leads and qualified appointments…on a performance basis. No results? No charge!


SuperiorLeads System

This is an integral part of your lead generation efforts. Want to maximize the results you can get from any marketing/advertising that you do? Built around the LeadGen Configurator, the SuperiorLeads System will do this for you.

This is a performance-based service, meaning you pay to have it built, then only pay for the results it delivers (leads and appointments). There is no fixed recurring fee or retainer. You get results, or you don’t pay!

Once you decide that getting the best leads and booking qualified appointments is what your business needs, it’s just a matter of deciding which of the 3 parts you want to include in your set up.

OUR RECOMMENDATION: Start with the lowest service level you expect to need. Get your foundation set, then add-on as needed.


LeadsBooster (Traffic Conversion)

This option sets up your own customized LeadGen Configurator. LeadsBooster is the service that got the results shown in the Case StudiesThis is the right choice if you already consistently get at least 15 leads per month, but want even better results from the traffic- generating activities you already do (paid ads, SEO, referrals, direct mail, print ads, radio/tv, billboards, flyers, etc.).

LeadsAccelerator (Traffic Conversion + Lead Conversion)

Not every lead is prepared to schedule an estimate right away. Add them to an automated SMS & Email follow-up campaign so you can eventually add them to your calendar. We combine the LeadGen Configurator with our LeadEngage+ software to create and unbeatable system for you. If you don’t already have a rock-solid follow-up process in place that immediately contacts your leads and consistently follows up until they decide whether to schedule an appointment, this is the way to go. 


More Visitors + Your Configurator + Follow-Up = More Leads = More Appointments = More Sales

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