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Here is a little bit of pre-call homework.

Google Ads and OmniTargeting are the backbone of your LeadFlow Accelerator System and they work together to deliver 15-20+ new leads every month.

Check out below to see how they can help your business so you can be even more ready for our call.

1. Case Studies*

Below are three case studies. 

Two of them show the impact that a Google Ads campaign can have. 

The other shows what OmniTargeting can do for increasing the number of calls your business receives AND driving down lead costs.

*we used to work with various types of home services businesses, so we have case studies from campaigns outside of basement waterproofing/foundation repair.

Just below the case studies is a recording of an OmniTargeting webinar we did for a wide-range of business owners and we went into detail about what it is and just how effective it is at increasing sales. If you are not sure what retargeting is, watch this webinar (even if for just 5-10 minutes).

Omni works especially well for businesses that provide higher-cost services to homeowners because they take longer to decide who to call and can forget whose website they previously visited while they consider their project.

OmniTargeting not only keeps you in front of your best prospects, it is also what pushes the cost-per-lead way down.


The Case Studies

Google Ads


The OmniTargeting Replay

(retargeting on steroids!)

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