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Help Increase Sales While Reducing Cost-Per-Lead

Get More Calls at a Lower Cost

Getting more calls is Goal #1 for our customers…and it’s probably yours as well.

Getting them at a lower cost than you are paying now is a nice bonus.

That’s what we do. We have some customers who increased sales by as much as 40% while reducing their cost per lead by as much as 89%. Now, this is not typical, but it is possible.

If you are anything like the contractors we talk to, you would probably be happy if you saw results that are just half of that. That is very close to what our customers typically get (sales up 20%+, cost-per-lead down about 40%). 

We can help you get more leads and drive down the cost of acquiring them.



Because Downstream Digital is different!

#1 Our Offer is Different
The typical agency tries to sell you on “own the search results” or “get Page 1 rankings”…our focus is on getting you more high-quality leads that turn into booked appointments.
Have you ever searched for a product or visited a website and then you kept seeing that “thing” all around when you went online? That is retargeting.
We have an enhanced version of that, we call it OmniTargeting. It’s similar to retargeting, except on website visit means your visitors will see your ads on Google AND Facebook properties (Google, Google Display, Gmail, Facebook, Instagram, plus others).
It does two things that get visitors to return:
1. Keeps you on the top of your visitors’ mind by subtly, but consistently, reminding them that they visited your website. 

The lead time in your industry can be fairly long….certainly long enough for a visitor to forget which websites they visited and which companies they have checked out during their search for someone to fix their problem. 

Let’s keep them from forgetting about you.

2. Gives them reasons why your company is the one that can best fix their problem…so they will want to call you. 

By doing this, we get visitors who left without calling you to return to your website. These return visits – the second chances – give you the opportunity to interact with the homeowner (or commercial customer)…this is what ultimately helps you convert more visits into sales. 

This is what OmniTargeting does for our customers.

Bonus reason:

Unlike the numerous agencies that have been contacting you, we are not trying to replace your current marketing agency. 

And we don’t want to. 

Our focus is on Google Ads & OmniTargeting and being experts at using these tools to help you get more incoming calls.

The OmniTargeting piece works with – and needs – whatever else they are currently doing to drive traffic to your website. They do what they do and OmniTargeting uses their efforts to improve your results.

So, keep doing whatever you are to get visitors and we can plug this in to work seamlessly with those traffic-generating efforts.

And it doesn’t matter if you have an in-house marketing team or work with an external agency. OmniTargeting doesn’t compete with the other activities that you are doing, it supplements them. 

In fact, the more you are doing to get people to your website, the better Omni works for you.

#2 Our Approach is Different
There are two ways that our approach is different from other marketing companies you may have talked to or even worked with in the past…  

We focus on two tools and are experts at them.

We are an “un-agency”. In fact, we don’t consider ourselves an agency, at all. We set up a leads accelerator system for our customers, which is much different. 

The typical marketing agency try to be a jack-of-all-trades in an attempt to own all of your marketing activities (website development, SEO, local search, social media management, blog posts, email marketing, logo design, video, print, etc..). 

That’s not us.

We looked at what provides the fastest and best results and decided to focus on that. These two tools can have the biggest and most direct impact on your sales growth – Google Ads (fast wins) and OmniTargeting (long-term wins). And we developed our Leads Accelerator System around them.

Hire someone else for the other stuff and hire us run our piece along side them.

We offer a marketing system that provides what you need, they way you need, it to have a positive impact on your sales.

Who Will Benefit From Working With Us?

Basement Waterproofers and Foundation Repair companies that want to book more jobs and increase sales.

Not every business is interested in having more jobs on their work schedule. That’s just reality. 

However, if your business has a goal of increasing sales and you know you have the capacity to take on more jobs, then it is worth setting aside 20 minutes to have a quick call to learn more about what we do and ask any questions you may have.

On the other hand, if this sounds like your current situation, we are not a good fit…at least not right now:

  • You reached a level that you are happy with and prefer to maintain what you have rather than push to a higher level. 
  • You are having difficulty attracting and/or retaining good workers, so putting more jobs on your calendar is not appealing to you. 

But this might only be temporary…and who knows, you may see some of our ads in the future that show up when the time is right for you to go after more jobs. And you’ll be reminded you visited us once.


One Other Note

If you are “too busy” today (and have enough traffic), having the SalesBooster system is still a great tool to have in your marketing arsenal.


– Do you have times during the year when you wish the phone would ring more often? 

– Do you expect to have open calendar slots that you would love to fill?

If you know there is a slower period coming up in the future, then Omni is the perfect tool to add to your marketing toolbox.

Omni keeps your business in front of everyone who visits your website and does it for many months following their very first visit. 

So, it provides what may be described as a delayed reaction from your visitors. 

Your ads are planting a seed in their mind and a visitor you get today will be calling you at some point in the future. 

Someone who visits today may not be ready to book the job for a month or so and during that time, they may “find” someone else to call. 

Omni keeps you in front of those prospects so your chances of getting a call go way up (to about 70%).

Because of this, you get to fill the open slots on your calendar. If you could fill openings that you know are coming, but are typically unfilled, would you like to have a way to do that?


If your business wants to book more jobs and/or fill future openings in your appointment calendar, let’s talk and see if we are a good fit for each other.

How Can You Get Started?

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