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Are You Easy To Find In your Area?

You Need To Make Sure Your Business Is On The Map!



Be Easy To Find – Get More Calls – Increase Sales


Build Your Local Presence

Homeowners near you are going online when they need help…are you making it easy for them to find you? 

This is a great example of “You’re There, Be Found!” Contractors tend to provide their service in a relatively small geographic area. And there are usually a lot of competitors serving that same area. Your challenge is to stand out so you are easy to find. You’re there, now let’s make sure homeowners know it so they can call you!

Building your local presence can take time — sometimes a long time. Just how long depends on how many competitors you have and how many of them are making an effort to be easy to find as well. The highlight of this service is your ranking on the map that shows in search results, but doing well here is more than just the map ranking.

The ideal situation is we get your website launched and start building your online reputation, then get your phone ringing as quickly as possible so you are generating business. While that is going on we can work on this to fill out your online presence.

Your website and reviews provide the information homeowners need when deciding whether to call. If you don’t show up in the search results (map and/or paid ads), then they won’t know that they could call you.

Let’s make sure they can find YOU so you can get those calls!

Homeowners & Online Searches…


Look up the location of a business on Google Maps


Do online research before making a large purchase


Total search engine market share held by Google


Never scroll past the first page of search results

Local Organic SEO

As a contractor you serve customers in a fairly small area. Depending on the job, it may not make sense to drive even 45 minutes to the job site. Maybe you don’t even go that far.

Because of this you need to be sure to rank well in searches for the areas you do serve. When homeowners do a search they get organic search results and many times maps results. Organic search is the more comprehensive (and slower) ranking effort.

Being easy to find here is focused on getting your website to rank as highly as possible and it takes more than just launching your website to do that.

We provide a comprehensive service that puts your website in position to rank highly in the search results in your area.

Map "Snack Pack"

If you have ever done a search and seen a map show up in the results, then you are familiar with this. In Google the map is placed between the paid ads (PPC) and Local Organic results, so they are higher up on the page.

And the map stands out on a page full of text, so if your business is found there, then you have an advantage over the competitors that don’t. Google only displays 3 businesses in the maps results, so getting into the Top 3 is critical to your online visibility.

We focus on Google, so we can take care of getting everything set up for success in his part of the search results.

Being found on the map can pay great dividends. If you are not currently found there, we can help you get there!


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