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Establish Your Presence – Maximize Traffic – Increase Sales



Downstream Digital Marketing helps contractors build the business of their dreams. We help make you easy to find, so you get more leads, and increase sales. 

Downstream Digital Marketing offers a marketing solutions for contractors of all types, solutions designed specifically to improve sales. You will find that the way we approach this is different from other agencies you may have talked to in the past. Rather than offer everything and anything, we offer the servies we know will work. We get your foundation set, then get your phone ringing!

Setting up the basics that your business needs in order to benefit from the way homeowners look for contractors is our focus. We specialize in the things that have the best chance to generate sales for your company so you get the most bang for your buck.

Want to try one of the “latest and greatest” marketing techniques someone mentioned to you? Once you have the basics in place you can go for it! But let’s make sure you are ready for it first.

First Things First

We have a defined and specific order to what we do because we want you to get great results from all of your marketing and advertising efforts. We want you to have as much success as you can with your marketing and that means doing certain things in a certain order. The general order is this:

Foundation – Make sure your website is clean, professional, and ready to help convert visitors into callers.

Traffic – In order to generate sales from your website, it needs visitors. Let’s make sure you are getting them.

Retarget – Very few visitors take action on the first visit. We will keep you in front of them 24/7 so they are reminded to come back and call.

By doing everything in the proper order you set up your business for maximum visibility and success. This helps you create the business that you dreamed of having when you got started. 

Whether Just Getting Started or Already Doing Something, We Can Help!

Just Getting Started

Not doing anything online yet and not sure where to start? We can help! From getting your clean, easy-to-navigate professional website up and running to helping boost your call volume, we will work with you to get everything set up right the first time!

The website is the critical piece because without a professional website homeowners won’t take you seriously. So we start there, then move forward once that is in place.

Already Doing Something

There are two great options here.

1 – If you are getting traffic to your website, but need to increase call volume, our OmniTargeting Service is the way to go.

2 – If you are not getting enough visitors to generate the sales you need, then a paid ad campaign is the place to start.

Either way, we have the service to fit your situation!


Setup Your Presence

First things first…do you have a website?

  • Is it updated?
  • Is it clean and professional looking?
  • Is it easy to navigate?
  • Does it work on smart phones?

Making a great first impression is critical to turning visitors into callers. A website that doesn’t check all of the boxes above will turn visitors away.

Make sure you put your best foot forward!


Generate Visitor Traffic

An awesome looking website is great, but if no one finds it, then it’s just an expensive brochure that you lost somewhere. A website alone will not generate new sales.

Targeting your ideal customer and getting them to visit your website makes all the difference.

Be Easy To Find!

If you aren’t, then they are finding your competitors and calling one of them instead. Let’s make it easy for them to call you!


Maximize Visits

The vast majority of visitors (95%) to your website will not take any action on their first visit. And many times once they leave they forget they visited your website and don’t find their way back.

Tag your visitors and consistently, but gently, remind them that they visited. And give them reasons to visit again.

Maximizing the amount of visitor traffic your website gets means your phone will ring more often. More calls, more sales.

Get all of this in place and watch your business grow!

Setup Your Presence + Generate Traffic + Maximize Visits = Business Growth!

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