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The Foundation

As the center of your Online Universe, your website is the most valuable sales tool your business owns.

The volume of business that can be driven from online methods is staggering, so it is critical to have the right website in place. As the old saying goes, “You never get a second chance to make a first impression.” Your website is how your company makes its first impression on your potential customers. If you want to get their attention — in a good way— make the right impression right away. 

A website that is outdated, looks like it was just thrown together by someone in their spare time, or is hard to read on a mobile device sends a bad message to a visitor. A poor website doesn’t tell them you are too busy taking care of customers to waste time on a making a nice website…the impression it makes is that you don’t care, are sloppy, or not good at what you do. It may not be true, but that is what your visitors will get from a bad website.

On the other hand, when you have a website that is:

⇒ Clean

⇒ Professional

⇒ Easy to navigate

⇒ Works on all devices

⇒ Provides the information a visitor needs

You are telling that homeowner that your company is on top of things, you know how to do your job and, you are good at it. That is a GREAT first impression and keeps their attention. Having their attention is what leads to new sales.

Which impression do you want to make?

Websites Designed for Contractors

As a contractor your website needs are fairly straightforward. Homeowners want to know what you do, get comfortable knowing that you are good at it, and most importantly, how to contact you. Flashy websites look cool, but just looking cool doesn’t help sell you to homeowners. Plus, the cost of “cool” doesn’t usually make a lot of business sense, either.

Most importantly, your website isn’t something you use to talk about yourself; it is a tool for attracting new business. Let the world know what you do and that you can solve their problems and you will get more calls.  You need the right tool for the job and we can build it for you.

You do great work, so you need to show that off to your visitors.

You provide certain services, so you need to make sure your visitors know how you can help them.

You have business hours, so you need to make sure they know when to call you.

You have done great work and your customers are happy, so you want to share that with the world.

 Ultimately, you want homeowners to contact you. Some will want to call, others prefer email, so you need to make it easy to do.

Making sure the important information is included and easy to find — and the website works on all types of devices from a desktop to a smartphone — is critical to making your website a effective sales tool. Let us build it for you!

Home Improvement

A picture is worth a thousand words…having Before & After photos is a great selling tool. Providing something visual has a big impact on homeowners.

Skipping a photo section lowers that chance to sell your company to your visitors. Don’t just tell them, show them what you can do!

Home Services

For services that aren’t usually as photo-friendly as renovation projects – such as waterproofing or repair work – having a full list of your services is a must. If a visitor has to guess whether you can help them, they will probably not call you.

Homeowners who find your website need to know whether you can help them. Tell them what you do so they will call!

Needs + Budget = Options

Not every contractor has the same needs in a website. Not all have the same budget, either. But you all need a website that will help get your phone to ring. To provide flexibility to fit your situation we offer two options for your new website:

  1. Custom Design – we work with you to come up with a customized design that is unique to your business.
  2. Template – for businesses with a lower budgets, with no need for a special design, or that want to launch very quickly…a pre-designed template is the way to go.
Whichever option works for your business, we can make it work.

And we can take care of your new website after it is launched!

Just like a home, websites need some periodic maintenance. Turn the design, development, and ongoing maintenance of your website over to us so you can stay focused on running your business. We will build your site, add content (text, images, video), and install & configure plugins for a variety of custom features. After launch, our Flat-Fee Support simply can’t be beat.

We work with contractors and know what your needs are so we are able to deliver the website that works with your budget AND helps your business grow.

Websites by Downstream Digital Marketing

Want to learn more about having your new website designed, developed, and maintained by Downstream Digital Marketing? Visit our Websites information site for more details and to see some examples of our work.

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